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I've started putting together some tools for DirectShow development on Windows Mobile. This release includes a graph editor tool similar to graphedt, and some utility filters. The filters are available in source form and there are also WIN32 desktop builds of the filters.

The ViewGraph application allows you to build and view graphs on your mobile device. The user interface is similar to the desktop tool, with a few alterations to support the small screen. You can make connections by dragging from filter to filter (rather than from pin to pin) and a dialog is shown if there are multiple pins. Pin connect and render operations are also available in the menu; again, a dialog is shown if there is any ambiguity. Press and hold on either filter or connection line to bring up a context menu. The context menu includes an option to insert a filter on an existing connection.

The monitor filter is a pass-through transform that logs media types and data. All data is written to a text file and the filter supports IFileSinkFilter so that the viewgraph application prompts for an output file (for the log data).

The serialize tool includes a sink and a source filter. The sink filter saves to a file all the media type, sample data and metadata that it receives.

Published: May 2009.

Downloads: Windows Mobile viewgraph and filters; Win32 filters; Monitor source; Serialize source.