After 18 years, we are closing our doors. We have loved being part of your lives.

Geraint Davies is now a full-time employee of Twitter and is no longer available for consulting projects.

GDCL’s technology pages contain a substantial body of freely-reusable tools. The articles page contains papers and source code discussing advanced programming topics related to DirectShow, AV Foundation and other areas. It currently includes source code to several sample iPhone apps, a multiple-graph toolkit and working demultiplexor filters for mpeg-1 and MP4.

Recent Updates

22 Apr 2014
Frame Re-ordering Support in iOS Video Encoding
21 Jan 2014
Video Encoding on iOS 7
12 Nov 2013
DirectShow RTSP filter and Port Settings
29 Sep 2013
Decline and Competition
16 May 2013
DirectShow RTSP Server filter and RTSP Jukebox