Geraint Davies

GDCL's software design and development was managed by Geraint Davies.

Geraint worked for Microsoft as a development lead for more than 8 years. Originally based in Microsoft's Redmond, WA headquarters as the development lead for the Xenix group, Geraint spent time in the European Headquarters in Paris before moving to the UK Development Lab in Hampshire.

While working for Microsoft's UK Development Lab, Geraint was architect and lead developer of the Quartz multimedia technology. This is a component-based multimedia architecture which is the basis for Microsoft's ActiveMovie and DirectShow and is now widely used for digital video playback, DVD and digital audio editing solutions, as well as being a key part of Microsoft's multimedia architecture.

Prior to joining Microsoft, Geraint worked for Logica in London as a Unix consultant, porting the Unix and Xenix operating systems to new computer architectures. He is co-author of a book on Unix programming, published by Macmillan.

Geraint has an MA in Literae Humaniores (Philosophy and Ancient History) from Pembroke College, Oxford. He is married with three daughters (studying Music at Oxford, Physics and Maths at St Andrews and Music at the Royal College of Music in London) and is also a trustee of several local charities.

Geraint left Microsoft to found GDCL in October 1996, and joined Periscope in January 2015.